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© Lac Annecy Tourisme /Gilles Piel
© Lac Annecy Tourisme /Françoise Cavazzana
an invitation to happiness

Let yourself be carried away…

Like a jewel in its setting, Lake Annecy attracts the eye and leaves its mark... It is indeed difficult not to be captivated by the magnificent landscape of mountain peaks reflected in its sparkling waters! Renowned for the exceptional purity of its waters, Lake Annecy is a perpetual invitation to relax, explore and enjoy a change of scenery. With its rich architectural and natural heritage, its environment lends itself to all kinds of activities, be they cultural, sporting or recreational.

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…into the heart of preserved countryside

Many conservation efforts have been undertaken to preserve the lake and its surroundings from pollution. In 1957, the decision was made to create an inter-communal structure to collect and treat the wastewater that was being discharged into the lake at the time, threatening it with eutrophication. This is why Lake Annecy is considered one of the purest lakes in Europe.

Lake Annecy in figures

  • picto
  • 10.5 square miles
  • picto
  • 1,467 feet high
    (447 metres high)
  • picto
  • 135 feet deep
    (41 metres deep)
  • picto
  • 24°C
    average temperature

A rich heritage
and breathtaking views!

Lake Annecy is dominated by many steep mountains which confer on the lake its special strength and serenity: Tournette, Lanfonnet, Dents de Lanfon, Mont Veyrier, Parmelan, Semnoz, Roc de Chère... Summits that offer great opportunities for walks and spectacular views of the lake!

Lake Annecy offers first-class historical landmarks with a human presence dating back over 5,000 years. From the Neolithic period, through the Gallo-Roman era and the Middle Ages, to the attachment of Savoie to France, the region is brimming with traces of a rich and turbulent past, as illustrated by its architectural heritage. With its arcaded houses, churches, bridges and fountains, Annecy is also a city of irresistible charm. It has to be said that the town known as the “Venice of Savoie” has a lot to offer! And the sense of wonder continues all along the shores of the lake, taking in the various landscapes of Haute-Savoie (mountains and valleys), all the way to Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe.

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Annecy and its recreational activities

Regardless of the season, your preferences or the length of your stay, Annecy and its environs offer a wide range of touristic, sporting, cultural and gastronomic activities for both young and old.

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